A :14x5,5 Andreas Wieland “schoenberger”
signature snare
B : 8”TomTom
C : 10” TomTom
D : 12” TomTom
E : 14” TomTom
F : 16” TomTom
G : 20”x18” or 22”x16” Bass Drum
H : 14”x4,7” Schoenberger maple snare
I : 4 Low Pitch Octobans
J : Zildijan A custom HiHats
K : Zildijan 12” K Splash
L : Zildijan 16” K custom Crash
M : Zildijan 10” K Splash
N : Zildijan 17” K custom Crash
O : Zildijan 20” K heavy Ride
P : Zildijan 19” K China Boy
Q : dw 5000 delta1 turbo double Bass Drum Pedal
R : dw 5000 HiHat Stand
S: 18" Gong Drum                                                                                    sometimes a cowbell played with the left foot on a dw pedal

Hardware Sonor Designer 5000 or Tama road pro


Tama starclassic maple set

 Andreas Wieland signature snare  

Tama starclassic performer set

 Gong Drum built by Martin Wieland  

Sonor designer set

 Octobans built by Martin Wieland  

 Back to the 60s, Trixon drumset